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Wrong Creatures (2018, Abstract Dragon / PIAS)

« I was trying to be someone I can't. » Cette longue plainte qu'est All Rise déboule sans crier gare, en fantôme des défaites qui toujours nous hantent et que jamais l'on ne dira. La mélodie, le chant larmoyant, le piano solennel, la batterie martiale et inexorable... Cette chanson pleure tout ce que l'on se faisait fort d'accomplir de grand, de noble et de bien. En tête de la procession funèbre, on suit le corbillard la tête basse et le cœur en lambeaux.

23 juin 2018

Vidéo / All Rise

Version originale.
Vidéo éditée par BRMCOfficial.

Vidéo / All Rise

Fort Laudersdale (Floride, États-Unis), le 24 janvier 2018.
Vidéo éditée par Hakim.


Paroles : Peter Hayes et Robert Levon Been. Musique : Leah Shapiro, Peter Hayes et Robert Levon Been.


Maybe I was yours to keep
Burning in the eyes you weep
Someday I will take your hand

Moving through another land
And every single second tears
It's given from the love you had

But I'll be right behind your eyes
Turning to a love you hide
And every single breath you take
I'll be holding on against the weight

Maybe I was yours to fall
Turn into this sinking stone
Every single heart forgave
Must' have filled the arms of grace

I'll be right behind your eyes
Looking through the walls you hide
'Til every single warmth betrayed
I'll be holding on against the wave

Moments only seem to pass
Days are never going to last
Without you I never had a chance
From the moment you held my hand
I was trying to be someone I can't
But this feeling wouldn't let me back
Now I'm tired of waiting for you to rise

Hanging on a single breath
Screaming 'til there's nothing left
This is all we'll ever find
Broken as the world unwinds



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